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Metodologia Participativa

Ageing Lab Foundation is able, through Living Lab, a real-life testing environment (non controlled so-cial environments) in which users and service providers co-design innovation products for the older people.

One of the methodology bases of Living Lab is the "open research", development, which promotes a learning process for the researchers in order to bring them together, discuss and negotiate. That is to say, open collective reflexion processes and strengthen the links between the investigators and the end users, as well as establish open relationships among companies and the academic world.

Methodological Principles:

In order to develop the co-creation process, Living Lab stands upon the FormIT method, around the three iterative cycles: concept design, prototype design and innovation design.

The five fundamental principles of the FormIT method are applied throughout the process, consider-ing these aspects in all phases of the process and offering solutions for each of the following challenges:

  • how we can create value for the users
  • how users can influence the process
  • how sustainability takes shape in each of the processes developed
  • how planning should be done in order to make it as open as possible for the interested parts from multiple standpoints, for the creation of a innovative process
  • and how the process must be designed in order to reflect reality as much as possible

This methodology is endorsed by the European Network of Living Labs(ENoLL), which we are part of.

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