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The validation processes with the end user are performed in the participants´ usual habitat , within their community: Homes, Day Centers or Residential Homes.

With this purpose we count on a pool of 9,000 elderly people, with different profiles.

  • 5,000 elderly people with full autonomy
  • 3,450 with moderate dependence
  • 550 highly dependent elderly

We have developed, through collaboration agreements with different agents involved in providing services for older people, participative processes, counting on their own staff for establishing direct contact with the end user, thus guaranteeing a non invasive intervention.

This product gives a systematic innovational approach for all those interested in the product and/or the service, who take direct part in the development process.It is a product where research and develop-ment(I+D) creates and validates innovative products and services in a collaborative real life environ-ment.

Multi Stake-Holder

Academies, companies, governments, society


Capture interrelationships among multiple contexts and real life environment versus isolation


Feedback from the user throughout the process

The above mentioned collaboration is manifested through supporting the "Multidisciplinary Innovation", given that the innovational processes and the knowledge management initiatives must be supplied with heterogeneous teams, constituted by people from different fields, cultures, ages, etc…