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Living Lab Social in real environment offers a comprehensive and direct service providing customized solutions both research projects and in the development as innovation for products and services in response to the Ageing challenge.

Living Lab is tool enabling the end user to be actively involved, from their own real environment, both in designing process, or redesigning projects, products and services, as well as at pilot stage.


  • Testing, validating, manufacturing prototypes and refining complex solutions in real life, constantly evolving environments, where multiple, unknown factors for traditional research interfere.
  • Allowing the customization of products and services to the real needs of the end user.
  • Studying the older people in their real life environment, with a high degree of observation.


  • Field work for R&D projects provided by the comprehensive management of the end userĀ“s partaking.
  • Testing and validation of products and services for older people.
  • Study of needs and pre-design of new products and services.